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A study trip abroad is a unique experience. To make this experience even better, Business School Notenboom offers educational institutions and students the opportunity to enjoy various study trips to the Netherlands. How does this work? Read all about it on this page.The different tabs at the top of the page will take you to all the ins and outs of these study trips. Still have questions after reading this information? Feel free to contact us via the contact page. We would love to show you the unique experience offered by our Dutch study trips. We look forward to welcoming your students to beautiful Eindhoven soon!

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International study is a privilege. Therefore, we do all we can to get the very best out of every student. Our international study trips are opportunities for a unique experience. Over the years, Business School Notenboom has accumulated a great deal of experience with various partner universities around the world. We offer educational institutions and international students various options for studying in Eindhoven. We’ll discuss these options below.

We offer two different programmes: a Business Programme and a Hospitality Programme. Both study trips consist of lectures, company visits, various additional activities and accommodation. The programme is always customised to meet the requirements of each educational institution. Requirements may involve duration of stay, possible multidisciplinary tasks, earning study credits, and visits to relevant, interesting companies. The level, as well, is adapted to the needs of the educational institution; we offer courses at EQF 4, EQF 5 and EQF 6 levels.

Clicking on the different tabs will take you to a list of various study trip options. Of course, in addition to paths mentioned on the website, we can offer you many other possibilities. We would love to discuss these with you. Foreign students can also participate in several lessons with our own students. After all, shared knowledge is increased knowledge; something we like to stimulate. Our student council looks forward to exploring Eindhoven

Business programme

The Business Programme of Business School Notenboom links theory and practice. For example, we visit various commercial companies, allowing students to learn the intricacies of the field first-hand from real experts. Students can also carry out a multidisciplinary taskat the end of the study trip. This will then be presented to a jury who will evaluate the assignment with a grade and corresponding study credits (ECs). Enterprise is our strength;so, we are pleased to share our expertise with visiting students and their educational institutions.

Structure of International Business programme
The International Business programme consists of several lectures, company visits and activities. The educational institutions are free to make their own choices; we always offer a customised package appropriate to the educational institution in question. Within the Business programme, the following lectures can be attended:

  • Online Marketing
  • How to finance start-ups in the Netherlands
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Networking in the Netherlands
  • Design-thinking (agile)
  • Trends in technology
  • Eindhoven airport

Business School Notenboom collaborates with many leading commercial companies. A visit to some of these companies is included in the study trip. The following organisations can be visited during the study:

  • ASML
  • VDL
  • NXP
  • DAF
  • Philips
  • Study portals
  • Student hotel
  • Embassy (done by the student themselves)

Finally, we support a wide range of activities in which students can participate. These may involve, for example, the following:

  • Tour ‘Meet Strijp-S’
  • Piet-Hein Eek
  • Philips History Museum
  • Tour through the school in Eindhoven (led by a BSN student)
  • Evening activities with fellow students

Main assignment
To get even more out of their trip from a commercial perspective, we offer educational institutions the option of having students carry out a (main) assignment. The task may be based on several topics, such as the following:

  • How to do business in the Netherlands
  • An analysis of the business environment
  • An analysis of the positions of 1 multinational
  • Export opportunities of a local company to the country of origin

Hospitality programme

The International Hospitality programme focuses on hospitality concepts and the special events industry in the Netherlands. The programme offers many opportunities to the visiting students’ educational institutions. For example, guest lectures can be organised such that a multidisciplinary task can be carried out that is presented before a jury. This is then assessed, graded and awarded the relevant study credits (in ECs). However, this is entirely optional.

Structure of the International Hospitality programme
The Business programme consists of several lectures, company visits, and activities. Many different options are available. For example, the programme can be adapted to the wishes and requirements of both the student and the educational institution. The Business programme offers the following lectures:

  • Online Marketing for the Hospitality Industry
  • Revenu & Yield Management
  • How to set up events like the Dutch
  • Wine & Dine
  • Design-thinking (agile)
  • Trends in Hospitality
  • Eindhoven airport

In addition to the abovementioned lectures, the Business programme also offers a wide range of company visits. These companies are partners of Business School Notenboom, and
a resource allowing students to peek behind the scenes. Visiting students can visit the following organisations:

  • Blue Collar hotel
  • Van der Valk hotel
  • Art hotel
  • Student hotel
  • Philips
  • Study portals
  • Michelin restaurants (several of which are in the area)
  • Embassy (done by the student themselves)

Main assignment

  • An analysis of the Dutch hospitality industry and tips that can be used in the country of origin.
  • The latest trends in hospitality.
  • Applying hospitality in a business environment.
  • Export opportunities of a local company to the country origin

Eindhoven history

Business School Notenboom is in Eindhoven, in the Southern Netherlands. Eindhoven received city rights in 1232; there were only 1000 inhabitants at that time. These days, there are over 225,000 people. The name Eindhoven probably comes from the ‘de Einde’ or ‘Ende’, which flowed through Brabant in the 5th century. We call that river the Gender today. The second part of the name Eindhoven is probably derived from the word ‘hova’, a piece of land of about 10 hectares. Therefore, Eindhoven means: land on the river.

The city still boasts a rich historic heritage. At ten locations in Eindhoven, a bit of history is told by way of tiles on the ground. You can find all these tiles by following a walking route. The map of this walking route and more information about the different locations can be found on –

Nowadays, Eindhoven is the largest city in Brabant and is the Netherlands’ 5th largest city. The city is also known as a ‘brainport’; Eindhoven is the most technologically developed region in the world apart from the US. City life is so lively here that students need never be bored. The many cafés and restaurants, theatres and cinemas, festivals and shopping venues make Eindhoven an ideal student city. And culture vultures will come into their own here, as well. Eindhoven is the home of many museums. Recommended are the Abbey Museum and the Philips Museum. Looking for tips and tricks on making students’ visits a great success? Read our personal tips by clicking on ‘tips & tricks’ on the tab at the top.

Tips & Tricks

Studying across the border is quite a challenge. We would love to make your students’ visits as enjoyable as possible. If necessary, we can offer the following:

  • Help finding good accommodation in various price categories. We know better than anyone which locations are the handiest for students to stay.
  • Information on stays abroad and visas.
  • Rental bikes: in principle, public transport in Eindhoven is very convenient. But if students would like to get around like a real Dutchman, rental bikes are the answer.
  • Workstations at school with WIFI, so students always have the necessary facilities to work without disturbance.

Utrecht: central point of the Netherlands
To paraphrase: ‘(almost) all trains lead to Utrecht’. This usually requires no more than an hour’s travel time. The bustling centre of the Netherlands has an impressive station where traffic from all corners of the country comes together. A few steps and you’re in the convivial centre where, in addition to extensive shopping areas, there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants. In short, there’s always something to do in Utrecht. We would like to help you prepare a programme in which your students have a chance to visit Utrecht during their study trip.

Amsterdam: capital of the Netherlands
The capital of the Netherlands is an impressive sight, both from land and from the wealth of canals that flow through Amsterdam. Visit the city by foot or on a leisurely canal boat tour. The city also houses many museums and other cultural activities. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, Amsterdam is always easy to reach, wherever you are. This usually requires just over an hour’s travel time. Business School Notenboom would be pleased to prepare a programme in which your students can visit Amsterdam during their study trip.

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